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Lets talk Calendula:

Lets talk Calendula:img_8419

Calendula is a flower related to the Marigold, that has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries.  Calendula has a high content of flavonoids-chemicals that act as anti-oxidants in the body.  It has been considered beneficial in reducing inflammation and promoting wound healing.  Calendula has been used to treat a wide variety of skin diseases and has been effective in treatment of  skin ulcerations, eczema, and juvenile acne.  This flower power has been shown to be effective in treating conjunctivitis and other eye inflammations as it helps to reduce the swelling and redness of eye infections.  Studies have shown, Calendula helps speed up wound-healing by several actions including increasing blood flow to affected area and promoting the production of collagen proteins.

**”Due to the possible benefits, some physicians and holistic healthcare providers suggest using calendula for eczema. Unlike some other eczema treatments, calendula does not contain steroids, which can cause skin thinning if used over long periods of time. Calendula is generally believed to be safe and should not produce side effects. Patients who prefer more natural treatments commonly report positive results when using calendula for eczema. In many patients, calendula is also effective when used in combination with traditional medicine.”



Zen Body Cafe has created a simple Calendula Salve, made with my own calendula infused oil.  Not adding a bunch of extra ingredients allows this salve to do its job, without any harsh chemicals or preservatives.  I found out about Calendula from a well educated homeopathic doctors website. (Zen Body Cafe has since been listed in the links on her site.) I use this salve on my 8 year old son who has the eczema, allergy, & asthma triad.  In years past, he would use different soaps and would have an eczema outbreak.  Between his fingers would rash and bleed horribly.  Later pinpointing his allergy to sulfates in soaps, we have been able to reduce his reactions.  Occasionally, he will still get into something that causes his skin to dry and flake.  We have had great success with this calendula salve, which makes us both happy!
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Chemical Free Living

Remineralizing Herbal Tooth Powder

Naturally clean and healthy teeth should be a priority.  I say naturally because there are way too many unhealthy  and unnatural chemicals in toothpastes we buy trustingly from the stores.  As I have read one too many articles about fluoride alone, I got scared…really scared!  What on Earth am I forcing my children to clean their teeth with and put in their mouths??!! I will make sure as I go on with this blog, I will list plenty of reading material for you to make your own educated decisions on.  Links galore, I promise!!

Lets start with all the wonderful ingredients in my tooth powder~and WHY they are incorporated!!


Bentonite clay is composed of ash made from volcanos.  A traditional healing method for protecting the body from disease, bentonite clay stems back far in history. This clay has shown the ability to draw out toxins from the body along with having a wide range of nutrients.  Bentonite clay produces a charge that is electrical in nature when it comes in contact with liquid. When its in a natural state, this clay has negatively charged molecules, most toxins and heavy metals have positively charged molecules.  The two molecules when put together bind easily and stay united while the toxin removal process happens.  Bentonite clay seeks toxins within the body to bind with because any substance that has a missing ion (gives it its charge) looks for oppositely charged types of substances that will make it complete.  Bentonite clay can be used as a detox for skin, as a bath soak to remove toxins, oxygenate cells, alkalizes the body, boosts probiotics, relieves digestive problems, boosts immunity by killing harmful bacteria and viruses, purifies water, and IMPROVES THE HEALTH OF TEETH AND GUMS!  Bentonite clay binds to unhealthy substances in the mouth, around the teeth, tongue and gums, helps remove them before you swallow them and become sick.  Which makes this clay perfect as one of the ingredients in my tooth powder!!


Calcium Carbonate is an important chemical compound made up of one atom of calcium bonded to one atom of carbon and three atoms of oxygen. Ground calcium carbonate has many industrial, medicinal and pharmaceutical uses.  Many foods and cooking products such as baking powder, and dry mixes contain calcium carbonate.  It is also in toothpastes.  Another use of calcium carbonate is in medicine.  It is an application as a supplement to treat calcium deficiencies and an antacid for heartburn and indigestion. A deficiency of calcium can cause weak and porous bones, decay and loss of teeth, abnormal heartbeats, and rickets.


Xylitol is a sweet tasting crystalline alcohol derived from xylose, present in most plant material, including many fruits and vegetables.  Xylitol does not break down like sugar and can help keep a neutral pH level in the mouth.  Xylitol also prevents bacteria from sticking to the teeth.  This is how it protects the teeth from tooth decay.


Sodium bicarbonate or baking soda is a chemical salt with diverse practical uses. Baking Soda can remove stains and discolorations from the surface of teeth, making them whiter and brighter.  Brushing with baking soda removes plaque deposits that contribute to tooth decay.

I flavor my tooth powder with only natural ingredients.  From finely ground peppermint leaves, finely ground cinnamon, finely ground vanilla or finely ground spearmint, all of the flavoring comes naturally-the best way-in my opinion!


Fluoride, SLES, Glycerin, Dyes–Oh MY!

Moving on to the not so good information, the toxic sludge I have discovered lurking in the toothpaste brands I was buying from the store.  The brands I trusted, and had been referred to by people I trusted.  Every adult has been conditioned to believing this or that is good for us.  If everyone became a researcher, a label reader, and maybe a little bit of a rebel, we might be able to get some of these not so good chemicals off the market.  Until that day happens (or doesn’t) it is still important that YOU read and learn what you are buying, putting on or in your body and what you are introducing to your family.

I will list some articles that I have read that do not sit well with me.  Knowing that fluoride is good for hardening teeth enamel is one thing, but knowing how TOXIC it is to our bodies is another.  A big piece of information that most people are not aware of and should be! I read an article that a scientific study was done at Harvard on fluoride and the lowering of ones IQ.  This became very disturbing to me.  My sons dentist is a wonderful human being and a fabulous pediatric dentist, however, I refuse to let him do a fluoride treatment on my child.  Not with all this information.  Most dentists will warn you of using a homemade toothpaste.  They will tell you that it doesn’t work.  However, if you research your information you can find how people were able to remineralize their teeth through homemade tooth paste and powders and with a proper nutritional diet.

Here is a thought for you…why is it not our choice as American Citizens to say whether we want our water fluoridated or not.  It is our choice to take a vitamin or an oral supplement, shouldn’t it also be our choice to have fluoride in our drinking water?  Just a thought provoking question for you to think about. 🙂

*Now another ingredient in most toothpastes is sodium laureth sulfate…this is an anionic detergent and surfactant found in  soaps, shampoos and toothpaste…this is a foaming agent. This SLES (sodium lauryl ether sulfate) are know to be an irritant.  SLES contain traces of 1,4-Dioxane contamination, which is a formed by-product during the ethoxylation step of its production. The US Food and Drug Administration recommends that these levels be monitored.  The US Environmental Protection Agency classifies 1,4-Dioxane as a probable human carcinogen.


My son and I are allergic to sulfates in shampoos and soaps.  This chemical causes my son to have an eczema breakout to the point of open wounds and bleeding.  This additive causes my skin to breakout into horrible painful bumps.  And all of these years we have been putting this detergent in our mouths??!! Very frustrating….

Glycerin in your toothpaste?

**So, what is the concern with having this glycerine film on our teeth? The thing is, that our teeth are neither static or solid, as we tend to imagine them, and they are continually in a process of flux of demineralization and remineralization. Elements such as calcium and phosphorous, amongst others, are continually flowing out of our teeth, through the bloodstream to other parts of the body, while a new influx is continuously flowing back into the teeth. Imagining this very living process certainly adds more weight to the role of proper nutrition, as our whole body is constantly in a state of rebuilding or repairing one thing, or another.

The film of glycerine residue from toothpaste which coats our teeth blocks this natural demineralization / remineralization process, and therefore creates the conditions of accelerated tooth decay or cavitation in our mouths. Even when someone’s diet and oral hygiene habits are “perfect” for having healthy teeth, this issue with the glycerine-based toothpastes can be enough to create very undesirable and unexpected results in the mouth.


Here is a list of harmful ingredients that are in our store bought, never questioned toothpaste. Once I read about all of these ingredients, it became extremely difficult to tell my child to go put all of those toxic ingredients in his mouth.  I had to come up with something else!


Don’t get me started on triclosan and microbeads!!! Try looking those two terrible monsters up on Google.  See how both of those are destroying our planet as we know it…super bugs and pollution…



Chemical Free Living

Zen Body Cafe Product List

*Scented Bath Salts
3 oz Tube $3.25
assorted essential oil scents

*Silky Body Butters infused with Aloe Vera
2 oz/$4.00 4 oz/$8.00 8 oz/$16.00
assorted essential oil scents

*Sugar Scrubs
4 oz/$6.00 8 oz/$12.00 16 oz/$18.00
assorted essential oil scents

*Miracle Cream
1 oz/$5.00
ointment type cream great to soothe all
types of burns, kitchen, razor, sunburn.
Also good for certain
types of rashes like eczema

*Lip Balms & Tins
$3.00 tube & $3.50 tin
all made with natural fruit extracts
assorted flavors

*Foaming Hand Soap
8oz Foaming Dispenser/$5.50
assorted essential oil/extract scents

*Body Balm
4 oz/$10.00
assorted essential oil/extract scents

*Herbal Infused Muscle Rub
great for muscle aches, cramps & headaches
1 oz/$5.00 2 oz/$10.00 4 oz/$20.00

*Calendula Salve
go to skin salve, for cuts, sores, and rough
patches & eczema rash
1 oz/$7.00 2 oz/$14.00

*Gold Aid
natural antibiotic type salve, immediate relief
from bug bite itch
10 ml/$2.50 1 oz/$5.00 2 oz/$10.00

*Gold Aid Roller Ball
same great antibiotic properties as the salve,
immediate relief from bug itch, plus easy to
carry roller ball
10 ml roller ball/$5.00

*Catnip Citronella Skin Spray
Bugs keep away from this Spray!
Made with catnip tea & essential oils suggested
by the CDC to keep bugs off
4 oz sprayer/$8.00

*Catnip Citronella Lotion Bar
Same ingredients as the spray to keep bugs away
comes in a lotion bar for added coverage &
moisturizes skin
1-2.5 oz bar/$3.00

*Zinc Oxide Sunscreen
estimated @ SPF 40
up to 6 hrs, semi-waterproof
2 oz tube/$10.00 .46 oz tube/$3.50

*Restore Anti-aging Serum
natural oils with retinol like properties, along
with known essential oils for anti-aging & scar
10 ml dropper bottle/$20.00

*Aluminum & Paraben Free Deodorant
Natural deodorant that works and no need to
Tea Tree & Lavender, Bergamot Lime, Mens Mysterious,
Lemongrass, Orange Patchouli, Springtime Floral,
Teak-wood Forest, Frankincense & Cedarwood, unscented
Probiotic, Tropical Oasis, & Unscented
2.5 oz tube/$5.00

*Giant Bath Bomb
assorted essential oil/extract scents
all dye free
$5.00 each

*Small Bath Bomb
assorted essential oil/extract scents
all dye free
$2.50 each 4 pack/$8.00

*Shea Butter Body Wash
-do not use if have latex allergy
various essential oil/extract scents
8 oz bottle/$10.00

*Perfume Roller Ball
roller ball with carrier oil &
essential oil blends for scent
& relaxation
10 ml roller/$12.00

*Room & Pillow Spray
spray for any occasion
various essential oil scents
popular scents include Lavender
or Sweet Dreams
4 oz sprayer/$8.00

*Healing Foot Balm
created for extra moisture
great for diabetic feet
1 oz/$6.00

*Grapefruit salted Foot Scrub
8 oz/$10.00

*Vapor Nasal Sticks
Vapor tube/$8.00
also have assorted essential
oil scents (relaxation etc) $8.00/tube

*Baby Tushy Balm
for baby bottom rash
2 oz/$10.00

*Baby Body Wash
foaming body wash gentle for
new skin-Calendula, Chamomile, or Lavender
8 oz bottle/$10.00

*Mama’s Nursing Balm
chemical & lanolin free
1 oz/$7.00

*Vapor Shower Dissolving Disks
great for clearing stuffy sinuses
14 disks/cubes/$7.50

*Namaste Spray
Yoga Mat Cleaner & Disinfectant
Uplifting, Relaxing, & Rejuvenating
4 oz sprayer/$6.50

*Foaming Face Wash
gentle & effective facial cleanser
Lavender or Grapefruit
6 oz foaming bottle/$8.50

*Tattoo Aftercare Balm
natural ingredients to aid in healing process
2 oz tin/$10.00

*Shea Butter Body Lotion
extra moisturizing body lotion for all over silky
skin, made with unrefined organic shea butter
assorted essential oil/extract scents
do not use if have latex allergy
6 oz bottle/$15.00

*Balance Cream
clary sage hormonal balance cream
do not use if pregnant
2 oz/$5.00 4 oz/$10.00

*Wax Melts
100% beeswax wax melts for wax burner
assorted essential oils/extracts
6 cube pack/$7.50

*Skin Cooler Spray
cool off in a hurry with aloe & peppermint
4 oz sprayer/$6.50

*Beard Oil
moisturize & smooth beard hair, soothe itchy skin
under beard-attractive & manly scents
made with skin/hair loving oils
10 ml drip bottle/$8.00

*Beard Balm
medium hold to tame down beard hair
moisturize, nourish & condition
attractive manly scents
1 oz tin/$12.00

*Mustache Wax
Strong Hold even for handlebar mustache
made with non petroleum jelly
attractive manly scent
2 oz tube/$20.00

*Hormone n’ Headache Helper
Roller ball & blend of essential oils
just for headaches & emotional ups & downs
10 ml roller/$20.00

*Chest Rub ages 12 & Up
chest rub for decongestant
1 oz/$5.50

*Chest Rub ages 6 & Up
chest rub for decongestant
1 oz/$5.50

*Rash & Itch Salve
great for skin rash & itchy skin
has been used for poison ivy itch
with great results
1 oz/$7.50

*Black Mascara
no harmful chemicals
semi-water proof, lash growth
encouraging ingredients

*Natural Face Powder Medium Tone
no harmful chemicals
1 oz sifter jar/$5.50

*Natural Face Powder Fair Tone
no harmful chemicals
1 oz sifter jar/$5.50

*Rosy Beet Blush
no harmful chemicals & only 2
10 ml jar/$3.30

*Light or Dark Bronzer
no harmful chemicals
1 oz sifter jar/$6.50

*Natural Non Petroleum Jelly
made with zero petroleum product
1 oz jar/$2.50 2 oz jar/$5.00 4 oz jar/$10.00

*Green Tea Dry Clay Mask
1 oz jar/$10.00

*Hibiscus & Bentonite Clay Mask
1 oz jar/$10.00

*Hemp Seed Oil Shampoo Bars
great for travel & camping shampoo bar
lather, wash & condition
lavender or tea tree-lavender for hair growth-tea tree for dandruff
2.5 oz bar/$5.50

*Matcha Eye Cream
made with matcha green tea powder for
maximum benefit for tightening delicate skin
around eyes.
1 oz jar/$10.00

*Black Magic Drawing Salve
drawing salve for splinters & stings
also used for drawing out dirt from pores
1 oz jar/$12.00

*Hand Sanitizer
Triclosan Free
made with antibacterial essential oils
cinnamon/orange, tea tree/lavender, lemon/rosemary
1 oz squeeze bottle/$5.00

*Matcha Green Tea & Pear Fizzing Bath Soak
powdered matcha tea mixed with pear extract,
bath soak with the fizz of a bath bomb
24 oz tin tie bag/$10.00

*Natural “DO” Hemp Pomade
nourishing, taming, medium hold, easy to wash
out, control frizz & fly-aways, long or short hair
wonderfully scented. Hemp aids hair growth, and
scalp health
4 oz tin/$12.00

*Sugar Scrub Soap Bars
exfoliating scrub soap bar
assorted essential oil/extract scents
2.5 oz bar/$3.00

*Lotion Bars
extra moisturizing lotion in bar form
rub between fingers, while heat from skin
melts nourishing natural lotion onto the body.
Assorted essential oil scents
2.5 oz bar with tin/$8.00

*Herbal Remineralizing Tooth Powder
dip damp toothpaste in powder & brush
made with calcium powder & bentonite
vanilla mint, spearmint, peppermint or cinnamon
1 oz jar/$8.00

*Charcoal Whitening Paste
use every 3 days to once week
activated charcoal whitening paste
lemon or peppermint
30 ml tube/$7.50

*Eco Friendly Wool Dryer Balls
cut drying time & eliminate the need
to buy fabric softener
4 large balls/$20.00 6 large balls/$30.00

*Eco Friendly & He approved Laundry Soap
natural powder laundry soap, safe for septic
comes lightly scented **Clean clothing without
toxic chemicals and fragrances
only 2 tablespoons used per load!
3 months-180 loads/$20.00
6 months-360 loads/$40.00
@zen_body_cafe on instagram

product list


Chemical Free Living

Trying to Focus

I really love this idea of a blog.  I have always kept journals and diaries when I was younger.  I would write down what bothered me, what I discovered, my ambitions, my frustrations, my anger, poetry, and what or who I fell in love with.  I am busy a lot of the time, so making time to blog has been a struggle, but a struggle that I am trying to keep in focus.  I want to share as much as I can with you.

I am pretty excited where my opportunities are presenting themselves.  I have been just taking my time, doing what I need to do that is right, helping people-because that is why I am in this business and trying to keep my eyes forward!  Sometimes staying focused is hard though.  I have hard days, that are frustrating and it will feel like I’m chasing my tail, getting nothing done.  Other days I am on top of the world, accomplishing great things, and hearing back from my customers on how I’ve made a difference in their lives.  That right there is the best-that keeps me motivated!  I am frustrated though.  No matter what I originally do or say, I am copied.  I’ve actually got a person, that is indirectly associated with my family, mimicking my products, actions and even my exact words.  I can’t shake the situation.  I am trying to be understanding, like you know, they have no creativity, independent brain power,  no desire to be an individual…I see the lies that are told to the public by this person, and I have to do everything in my power to keep my mouth closed.  If they are copying my life, and saying its their own, they are lying.  I feel bad for the customers that are being duped.  I’ve been told by countless people to take pity for this person.  Maybe the reason for blogging this is because somehow I already know that person is going to read it.

I started on wordpress and announced on my facebook page how to look my blog up.  I linked my blog site on it.  And guess what? Now my shadow, who was blogging someplace else is, yep you guessed it, blogging on wordpress and linking it to her exact page as well.  So all I can say is be careful people, really careful.  You truly need to know what kind of people you have surrounding you and your family.  They can be damaging and toxic.

I will be announcing my new business information, just as soon as it is completed.  My new opportunities are pretty large and my mind is blown!  The road I am traveling on is mine and mine alone….unfortunately, I can only share my adventure and connections after everything is cinched down.  I cannot have my shadow, stealing any more than has already been done.

If any of my followers get a chance- I would  LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU!! Can you give me some good advice? What would you do if you were in my situation?  Me and my husband already laugh and make jokes about all of it… I even suggested, in humor, maybe I am in the wrong business and that I should be a consultant and send that person a bill for all ideas used 🙂

Anyway, please send me your comments-

Much Love to you Always!!  Come by and Check my business page out!


Chemical Free Living

Shea butter & Latex Allergy

Shea Butter & Latex Allergy:
Butyrospermum parkii, shea butter, a wonderful ingredient in so many bath and body products. From shampoos to lotions, soaps and eye shadows, you can find it on the ingredients list. However, many people need to be aware of what shea butter really is for their own safety. Not saying shea butter is bad….unless you have an allergy to latex.
Shea butter is sourced from the nut of a tree that is closely related to the rubber tree, which yields latex, a common allergen. If you have a latex allergy, you’re likely to become allergic to shea. Ironically, shea butter is known as a cure for chapped skin, rashes, chapped lips, eczema and psoriasis, but will actually cause these conditions in one who has become cross-sensitized to it.
A latex sensitization (similar condition to latex allergy) worsens with cumulative exposures to latex and chemically similar products. Individuals who become severely sensitized can progress beyond contact dermatitis, developing many food allergies and even suffering anaphylactic shock upon exposure, in extreme cases.

For people with nut allergies:
“Recent research indicates that shea nut butter does not contain any detectable protein residues and does not contain detectable residues of proteins from peanut or various known allergenic tree nuts (walnut, almond, pecan, hazelnut). Since allergens are proteins, this research indicates the absence of detectable allergens in shea nut butter.
Thus, refined shea nut butter does not pose any known or likely allergenic risk to consumers including individuals with pre-existing peanut or tree nut allergies. Products containing refined Shea butter can be safely used by all consumers.” according to

This allergy information has not been widely publicized and I’m sure many are unaware. So many individuals believe if a product is natural it is safe. Natural products can be generally safe, and better for you, however, they can still contain dangers.
Some of Zen Body Cafe products do contain shea butter. However, with this possible link between shea butter and a latex allergy, Zen Body Cafe will offer products without shea, using a substitute butter like cocoa or mango. Every Zen Body Cafe product has made sure to list every ingredient, for allergy reasons.
My personal drive for knowledge about natural products and ingredients, keep me constantly researching, reading, digging and discovering new information. Information, I want to share with you, my friends, my fellow humans, my family.


What I do

I make homemade bath and beauty products with natural ingredients. I stay away from harsh chemicals, dyes and preservatives.

Let’s talk chemicals for a second.  Everything we put on our skin absorbs into our body.  EVERYTHING! Our skin is our largest organ. It is vital for optimal health to make good choices in our personal hygiene products, along with our beauty products, and even our cleaning products we use at home. All of these choices either enhance our health or diminish it. 

Look at this picture and try to even pronounce these chemicals you might be feeding your skin! Yuck!! Ingredients I use are simple and easy to pronounce, they aren’t decievingly large words. Ingredients like local beeswax, cocoa butter, shea butter, essential oils, and extracts. Saying these words are not scary or intimidating.

The most important idea I try to promote is BE A LABEL READER!

Much love to you all & have a beautiful day!

Zen Body Cafe

Chemical Free Living

Where I’ve been, where I’m going!

ZEN BODY CAFE is my business. I started it over a year ago now.  I make chemical, preservative, dye and paraben free bath and body products. My passion is healthy products. I love creating natural products that improve life not only for my family but everyone.

I started this educational journey years ago. I started learning about natural herbs and tincture that help with this or that. I was fascinated with pharmacy and medicines. I even went so far as to become a registered pharmacy technician. Once in the pharmacy I realized I was not happy in that atmosphere. I started to see all of the chemicals and side effects from medication. Then I saw the big business these drugs bring in. I couldn't stay I had to get out.

I read all the time. I am constantly researching herbs, flowers, essential oils, foods, basically anything that improves our life. I was constantly reading books from the library or books i would buy. Then I started utilizing the internet. Too much information is never enough!

My youngest son was born jaundice. He also was allergic to most hair and body products. Everything agitated his eczema. I found one product that he wasn't allergic to after trying so many. Of course the one he wasn't allergic to was organic and natural.

I started playing around with recipes to make salves, lotions and scrubs. I was hooked immediately. My mind was spinning, I can mix this with that and create this. I noticed the products I made were good for my son's skin. He wasn't having his eczema problems. I knew I was in the right track. My sister started to fall in love with some of my products. She liked the idea of living without so many chemicals. She started buying my products. She also started sharing my products with others. They started asking to buy stuff.

I decided to open Zen Body Cafe.

It hasn't always been easy. It's actually hard at times. I am a vendor in an area store. They are the best shop owners in the world. They believe in my products and give me so much encouragement it's unreal! They made beautiful built in shelves to house my products because the original cabinet became too small for my growing product list.  I've lost family friends over this business. They started their own specific product that I do not make, and don't want to. However, some type of insecurity destroyed that whole situation. It's really sad. Not that they decided to walk away because they still post passively aggressive posts on their Facebook website that is very directed toward me.  I've had another mimic my products, ingredients, containers, what molds I use for exact lotion bars, and even my posts to the exact wording I put on my Facebook page.  I've actually caught this copycat behavior.  When addressed it was completely denied, even with the evidence right in front of everyone.  I walked away, I have not only tried to eliminate the toxic people in my life but toxic chemicals too!!

Does this bother me? Yes it does! My research and hard work that I do has been just stolen in a matter of minutes like it was nothing. Karma does come around and it's gonna hurt! Without education people can be injured. I look at it like this, I am the name brand and they can be a generic.

I have decided to look at things in a better way. I am a leader not a follower. I know my stuff and can carry a conversation with anyone about the benefits of any of my products. Without uneducated lingo like "it doesn't have toxins because toxins are bad" I explain what the toxin is, where it comes from and what it does. I have decided to focus on my future with this business. I am in the process of linking my products with a well known homeopathic doctor. If a person wants to copy me because of their own lack of creativity, education or desire to be an individual then go for it, I'm not going to lose sleep over it.

Now that I've got all that info (drama) out of the way…I will be continuing to blog my research and where the road of life leads me!